Auditing Britain – PINAC G.O.A.T

Auditing Britain is a YouTuber who appears to have burst onto the scene in 2021, however, little do people know he was in fact grafting very hard prior to this.

The fact that Auditing Britain, or “AB” as he calls himself, rocketed from 40k subscribers on YouTube to rapidly reaching 200k subscribers within just over a year speaks for itself!

I’m also guilty of being hooked o this guys videos, hence why have taken the time write this piece about AB and the other guys within the “PINAC” community. For those that are unaware PINAC is short for:

P hotography

I s

N ot


C rime

Auditing Britain – photography is not a crime

I started watching AB during the first wave of COVID. Like many, I had too much time on my hands and accidentally stumbled across one of his videos, while searching for a video about a city called “Milton Keynes”. The first video that popped up was one fof AB and I found it so intrigueing that I started watching more!

Of course, the YouTube algorithm started sending more PINCAS video publishers my way and before long I was watching another YouTube video publisher called “Live Free” and after that “Marti Blagborough”. I have noticed all these channels have rapidly increased their PINAC subscriber levels and consequently views as well.

After watching so many PINAC videos of Auditing BRITAIN, Live Free AND Marti Blagborough I have also noticed the responses from the police have been a little more tactful, unlike at first. AB is well-known for addressing officers with attitudes as “tyrants”, which I find amusing. It would be rude, also, not to mention Marti Blagborough’s associates Chunky Monkey (Effing Chunky Monkey) although there are others I have forgotten to mention.

How long will PINAC be a thing on YouTube?

Auditing Britain is looked upon as the godfather amongst the PINAC YouTubing community. And rightfully so, as he appears t have set the trend and made PInac a thing on YouTube. Would PINAC videos have been so popular if AB had not have published so many videos that proved popular? Who knows? Granted Marti Blagborough has also been publishing videos intermittently for around five years or even more. By the looks o it these guys also so a lot of travelling to reach their destinations, so a lot of hard work is pout in behind the scenes also.

YouTube revenue from PINAC social media

Now that YouTube have made it increasingly hard to escape watching their ads, te revenue provided to publishers has shot up. This means that these guys who entertain us on YouTube are rightfully getting paid for their work.

However, with the police getting wise to PINAC with the like of Auditing Britain and Marti Blagborough and police have been sent memos to ignore “auditors” we feel this may fizzle out sometime?

I hope not as it’s been great fun to watch so far!